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Fresh Out Productions

About Us

Fresh Out: Life After the Penitentiary was created by Marcus “Big Herc” Timmons and Anthony M, two ex-cons who want to share what life is really like for people in prison and after being released. Our mission is to educate the public, at-risk youth, and friends and family of incarcerated men and women about the brutal realities of prison life, and to strip away the inaccuracies, downright falsehoods, and even glamor associated with it in the media and on the streets.


America is home to the largest prison population in the world, with millions currently locked up, and millions more who have paid their debts to society, are haunted by convictions on their record, and are often denied the dignity of work for many years. Sadly, many ex-convicts will end up right back in a prison system that is designed almost entirely to punish rather than rehabilitate. This vicious cycle of crime and punishment can feel impossible to break out of, but we’re here to help. The creators of Fresh Out have been down that road and come out the other side, offering a message of hope and positivity, and a sorely needed perspective that can only come from years of personal experience. For those currently locked up or facing sentencing, there is no handbook on how to conduct oneself in prison, and being ignorant of the unwritten rules and expectations can place first-timers in potentially deadly situations. The knowledge that we share can save lives.


As the host of Fresh Out, Big Herc keeps it real, with advice and stories that are honest, approachable, and entertaining. Through our website, social media and YouTube channel, we have a large variety of content and interaction with our audience, including answers to viewer questions in our Prison Talk miniseries, guest interviews, prison spread recipes, podcasts, playlists, the Back On Your Feet program to support ex-cons working in music and the visual arts, and our commissary, where you can get all your Fresh Out shirts and merch to support our mission. All proceeds go toward making new content


- Fresh Out Creators

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