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Fresh Out Ministries

For over 10 years Fresh Out has been serving the worldwide community sharing stories of ex-cons with hopes of persuading people from living a life of crime. We've learned from our past mistakes and are truly doing God's work. 

While many pretend to care about the people, Fresh Out actually does. So we decided to create a ministry where people can donate and see their donations actually go to the cause. Too many "non-profits" Waste money on bloated salaries of upper management and very little goes to the actual cause it was set up for. 

Now is the time for change and just as we paved the way for the Prison genre on YouTube we will do it again with this Ministry.

We are building the plan for memberships, education and spiritual teachings. 

If this sounds like something you would like to be a part of please feel free to donate. We will send you a verification letter after we confirm the donation. 

All donations received before the end of the year will go towards providing for families in need.

The corrupt controllers of our country have created an environment where many Americans are suffering and at the breaking point. They need help now more than ever. Now is the time for Americans to step up and help our fellow Americans and truly be the people of God.

Thank you!

Fresh Out Ministries

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Unlike other religions, we do not teach dogma and slavery. We focus on the trinity of Mind, Body and Spirit, and how you can connect with God without a middle man. Traditional religions are responsible for more death and destruction than anything else. We still have millions of poor, hungry, injured and uneducated, while megachurches rake in millions. As far as we are concerned, if these religions are really about doing God's work, these issues would be at the forefront of each meeting and resources would be allocated to solving these problems. Yet, they are not.

Fresh Out Ministries is tired of the hypocrites, liars and fakes. We will do everything in our power to help be a positive change in the world. We are not meant to live as slaves. We are meant to be FREE and PROSPEROUS. We accomplish this by helping our fellow Man, Woman and Child. We will no longer enrich the fake churches, we will only work with those that are truly aligned with God.

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