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Wigsplitter+ Spray Sanitizer


    Wigsplitter+ Surface Sanitizer is an Isopropyl Alcohol solution proven to kill germs and viruses as described and published in the Journal of Hospital Infection published white paper titled: Persistence of Coronaviruses on Inanimate Surfaces and Their Inactivation with Biocidal Agents.


    Benefits of Wigsplitter+

    Surface Sanitizer - Fine Mist Spray - Made in USA - Fast Shipping - Convenient Travel Size


    The Isopropyl Alcohol 70% in every bottle Kills Germs and Viruses in as little as 60 Seconds. Approximately 40 square feet of coverage can come from 1 pump. Surfaces should be saturated with spray for 30-60 seconds or longer - this is the minimum amount of time necessary to kill viruses and bacteria - re-apply if necessary. Safe for most surfaces (*except wood and polyurethanes).


    Common Uses: door knobs, counters, elevator buttons, railings, seats, shoes, mail, packages, tray tables, TSA trays, gaming machines, suitcases, ticket dispensers, public transit, rental cars and at airports, hotels, motels, restaurants, bars, grocery stores, conventions, ride shares, taxis, and any other locations and inanimate surfaces where you desire protection.


    Contains: Isopropyl Alcohol (2-Propanol) 70% and water.

    Not for Internal Use or on Live Human Tissue. Keep away from Children. Flammable: Keep away from flame.


    Made in USA

    Wigsplitter+ Spray Sanitizer

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